Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shores of California

That's the way we do it.

These are photos of a steampunk papercraft rabbit I made for the steampunk symposium art show hosted at the Fall tattooing in Vancouver! One of several pieces I'll show you soon.
this rabbit went through much peril in it's contruction. Originally it was smaller, and originally it was sitting. Then it morphed into a paper sculpture that was to be mounted and running in a glas globe(first image), but, when the rabbit was al well and crafted, she didn't fit. So she made her home in a shadow box with scrap paper and wire and that's where she stayed.
Now she lives in a private collection somewhere I do not know.

Dixie was a proud rabbit of the United Hare Postal Service.

peace out!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let's Get DOOWN

Hello cats and jammers!

My Dad says that...a lot.
anyhoo. Check out these Nautical (I always seem to want to capitalize Nautical) collages!

More things to come I promise! Exciting things.
Lots of love.


ps. final projects will surely do me in this year.
pms. I miss Uriel and Catherine