Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shores of California

That's the way we do it.

These are photos of a steampunk papercraft rabbit I made for the steampunk symposium art show hosted at the Fall tattooing in Vancouver! One of several pieces I'll show you soon.
this rabbit went through much peril in it's contruction. Originally it was smaller, and originally it was sitting. Then it morphed into a paper sculpture that was to be mounted and running in a glas globe(first image), but, when the rabbit was al well and crafted, she didn't fit. So she made her home in a shadow box with scrap paper and wire and that's where she stayed.
Now she lives in a private collection somewhere I do not know.

Dixie was a proud rabbit of the United Hare Postal Service.

peace out!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let's Get DOOWN

Hello cats and jammers!

My Dad says that...a lot.
anyhoo. Check out these Nautical (I always seem to want to capitalize Nautical) collages!

More things to come I promise! Exciting things.
Lots of love.


ps. final projects will surely do me in this year.
pms. I miss Uriel and Catherine

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ima Engine Drivhurr

One of my projects for a class is to recreate a historic piece. My instructor picked the artist for my class, and we were lucky cause she picked Hieronomyus Bosch. If you don't know who he is, he's a wicked dutch master, look im up.
SO one of the one's I did was from his piece the temptation of St. Anthony:

And I took that and redrew the white tree fellow:

mhmm! I'm still getting the hang of this digital bit. All of my pieces are lacking a bit of clarity methinks. We'll see where that goes. Larger version here:
Love you!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bornes Bornes Bornes

I will start this the way I always do;

I have been so busy!

I made this scary dood and the little forest he lives in.
He'll eat you if you go out on your own!

He's made out of plasicine and air hardening natural clay painted with acrylic. The setting is a hodgepodge of other things. If you like this sort of deal, you should checkout Red Nose Blog by Red Nose Studios. His site is AMAZING. I want to get down with his brain. Amazing.

coming soon: the steam punk show! woo hoo!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apathy and the Whales

I think if anyone ever read more than one entry in my journals, they'd realize that Titles are not usually related.
The same goes for this one. I just think Apathy is a cute name for a girl...who likes to live with a pod of whales....

Who am I? Well I don't know...

I do stuff.

I go to a certain University, and walk on giant streets of cloth.

I 'splore the trees.

I belong to a rad collective.

I'm the crazy old man who runs the goat circus down the road.

I turn into a fruit eating ferret by night.

This was a huge amount of time, that I'm not sure was spent efficiently....we'll see how it plays out. Who I am does not fit into pictures of my life. This is what I have learned.

Now go find those whales, Apathy.


Monday, October 26, 2009

When I was small

As an alternate project for Illustration, I made little card board cut outs of me and my housemates. With out any context, I am a peculiar girl.

Ah yes, the days when I was made of paper.

I am very excited that friends of mine are moving. I can mail them letters. I do like to send letters once in a while.
Also, I think probably in the new year, I would like to make a dream boat, like the ones ann wood makes. Her blog is awe inspiring:

Also, she has the name I was going to use as a pen name, because it is my middle name and first part of my last.

Lots of love,

ps. sorry the images are tiny.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catfish Cemetary

School is crazier than a cat that only eats jello. More crazy than that. Crazy busy.
I have however been producing some neato things with this crazy-business.

I'm taking a print media class called book media where we learn the development of tradition and non traditional bound and 3D folded books. It is an excellent class. It's a combination of art and craft at just the right amount of each.

So I have pictures to show you.

So the concept of this project is about space relating to the reader. It can be looked upon from the front to get a layered distant effect, or unfolded from the side, to show distance, and wide open spaces. And everything is underlined. Not so sure why.

The whole thing is made of Canson C-Cream drawing paper. It's kind of like a thin bristol. It was cut with a exacto with a pointed tip, and i did not count the hours.

In the first picture you can see the case that is fits in. If you look reaaaaally carrefully, you can see the small deer head that is hlding the case together. It is very faint because it is clear.
There are also little things hidden in some of the pages, like the antlers in the next image.

There are more pictures to show, but my images are processed by evil spirits of bad formatting, so I'll shoe them later.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's go catch that Rhinoceros Rebecca

I was playin around with Brianne's tablet ( which is way nicer than mine) and I started drawin up some doodles

Also Brianne got her lowbrets today and they look really neat.
Also, I like banana bread.



PS. I really like that mod culture loves antlers as much as I always have. It's really sweet.

PPS. I did some recolour

Saturday, August 22, 2009


fun fact about me: I'm a trained make up tech.
also, I reaaaaallly love Zombies. And Flash Mobs. And Nurses.
that's why I love zombie walks, but, this year I didn't get to go because of work. It broke my heart into a million pieces.
but, I did take some neat pictures of the ladies I know that did go. Here are a few highlights, there are a ton of pictures, but here are some of the best:

Little ones

Hello! It's beeen a while, and I have done much.
I have sucessfully:
-purchased a ukulele
- finished intro to cultural theory
-had my first filling
-painted and framed this itty bitty picture....Hopefully this picture will make it to the steampunk show in November, but we will see!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Holy Guacamole

Halo Comrades!
It's been a while and I have been up to much!

Art wise:
I did a very slap-and-dash painting recently and it's currently hanging in the Gallery at The Fall on Seymour street along with the work of my friends Brianne Tweddle and Shwa Keirstead! super neato!

closer up....

So that was super neat!
On the life side, the babies are doing fine:


Friday, June 19, 2009



I started working on a series of doodles of ladies I know, because I figure, i don't have to make up people to draw all the time, because I know so many great ones anyway.
So here is Karli and Taryn. they are a couple of super great ladies. I drew them together cause I can't imagine them being apart.
Also, they own so many cats.

So that's the start! We'll see how it goes.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I've been doin some stuff when I'm at home and I have time.
we had a fathers day card making party at the loft tonight, which was loads of fun, you will see how awesome my card turned out! it have a fish on a bike.
I've also been working on something big for uriel and catherine to show them I love them. I want to finish before I go to kelowna to visit my parents. but there is lots to be done. It's going to be good.
Also, I've been arting a little.
I drew this picture of a cougar and a young medical student:

I really like the way his face turned out....she gives me the I don't think this will get finished
I just don't really dig the way it went.

I am also working on a comic with the working title "night lights" that I posted somewhere else earlier.
I'll show you sometime.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I loooove drawlin' zombies and frankinstien girls.


Friday, May 29, 2009

I do love comics

Helloo, though i'd share a rough draft of a silly little comic I wrote last week


So yesterday was my brother's 21st bithday! yay!
since he and I are now residing in different cities due to schooling, I couldn't manage (because I am a terrible sibling) to get a card mailed so it would get there on time!
instead, I crafted up this custom template so that he can print and fold a card like no other!
I learned the basic whale oragami from several sites that all had the same method, afterwords I even found a pattern for what I had already done...but much creepier.

here he is folded in black and white!

yeah, so DIY birthday cards are like...the new vinyl toy. People should do these up more often! it's a fold able, non-conventional canvas shape design challenge!


Monday, May 25, 2009

yaaarr. behold! Captain Puppypants the Scourge! no, not the big hairy guy that looks like Eugene Hutz, the fierce little lad to the left of center.

Also, I heard about this guy that goes around the country entering fishing derby's and then cheats to win by sacking a giant fake fish he carts around!
Couldn't be this guy though, I mean...look at him. He is legit. Look at that victory jig, he couldn't have cheated.

This one is all water colour on paper.
I did it all with layers and whatnot, I've found that yellow is a good wash for making things 'pop'.

Have you ever heard of the mermaid problem? Aparently is have plagued artists and writers for centuries. This is done in ink then coloured in photoshop.

And my personal favorite, a fisherman and his little fishing friend. watercolour, ink and photoshop!

So that is the best of what i've been up to. I am working on filling up this blog based on my other blog on livejournal. I'm moving all of the content over to cross-post onto this one, which will be my "professional" blog that appears on my business cards

neat, hey?