Tuesday, November 9, 2010

hither, thither, and yon

So the other evening I was super lucky enough to participate in a group show curated by my friend Shwa, called the SUMPTUOUS SYMPOSIUM, and my, was it something:

in this shot you can see some work by my super-fancy hetero life mate, Brianne Tweddle, who was also exhibiting. Hers it the bottom center and to the left. Photos By the also super-fancy Shelia Munro, she makes lovely things too.
Here are some close ups of the little ones out of their little frames:

woop! next post, the doll in that first photo.
Thanks to Shwa for organizing a spectacular spectacle!

Monday, October 18, 2010

We must bring you back to the land of the living

This is a small book I made for an illustration class where we were supposed to illustrate a piece of music as a CD booklet. I chose to base mine on Tipper's shambahla downtempo set from 2005 (check it out it's awesome: soundcloud.com/christoff/tipper-shambhala-downtempo-set)

So, what I did was make a little dreamlike, ambiguous narrative based on the music and as the track unfolds so does the book. The first image is of the booklet folded up completely, and the second is both sides scanned unfolded. They are each original paintings on either side of the same piece of paper. Kinda neat. I will take better picture of it, so that this is easier to understand, it unfolds in an interesting way.

moar arts soon


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Perpetual, Perceptual Illusions

I did a drawring. A friend of mine likes it, that makes me glad. It's pencil crayons on gesso coated with acrylic medium. I'm not sure what the archival value of that combo is, but I guess we will see. It'll degrade when this kind of drawing is out of fashion.
The colour in this photo is not as good as real life.

much love,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010



So, there are some huge physical impossibilities in this picture that I didn't notice until it's too late, but that's alright.

Monday, September 6, 2010


There is a sumptuous symposium arriving to the Fall tattoo and artist gallery in the fall. Maybe we will see you there, my pickled pixies and I.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hello there,
here are some in progress shots of a coat I'm working on. I made the actual coat several years ago in a highschool textiles class, and just never got around to putting the buttons on. So instead of putting the buttons on, I've turned it into a long-term, huge-scale, felt embroidery project.
check it out:

Better pictures to come as the stitches come.

lots of love,

Monday, August 23, 2010

beep boop beep

Here are some little sketch book pages from this week, and last year.

Friday, July 30, 2010

oh hay thurr

I am sorry that my blogs been unactive for a while. I'll make it up (I hope) by showing you why:

The months of June and July are a blur to me because I went to work at a non profit arts organization called publicdreams.org/. Every year for the last twenty one years, there have been holding a lantern festival called, "illuminares". The last couple years have been a little different for this festival and this year especially was because it was the first time ever that the event was held indoors.

I had the privilege to design the poster for this event; an event with a history of gorgeous, well designed poster.
Along with that, Brianne Tweddle and I worked on a zine/viewbook of sorts that went along with this. Pictures of that to follow soon.

So this whole thing put my personal life and art on a back burner, so I have a lot of work ahead of me before the fall. I'll show you as I go.

Exciting things to come!

Lots of love

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fields Forever

Alright, so.

This is a comic I made for my final project in my illustration: narrative structures class. We had to adapt a story board we had previous drawn. I'll scan and post that one next time I'm at school, cause the end drawing are better than in this one. The story is by Michelle the Fever and I, co written in the purest sense.
The original script was a continuous shot the whole way through, so it made sense to do the comic in the same sense, with no panels and just straight through. It think besides drawing difficulties ( i should have never added half tones) it went well.

so BEWARE IF YOU HAVE A NOT-SO-GREAT COMPUTER! this image is HUGE. Like, it can go from the kitchen to the door of my apartment and around some more. It's easily like 18 feet long. I think.

what is with me and accordion books and trees.

I hope to print this out when I can straighten it out a bit, and make a half sized version, (because each two pages of the original is on 14x17" bristol) with a nice folding cover. it'd be cool.

thanks everyone

Saturday, May 8, 2010

pouring into tea

i drew dis:

this is my first go with gouche. It's a joke, the other day my roommate and I were talking about a sure fire winner for the threadless besttee. This is what we came up with: it's hip, there's a pun, a deer, a bike, and it's cute. Gotta be a winner.

Note: this is not actually submitted as a threadless design.

much love

Friday, May 7, 2010

ah ah ah

lookee here.
I printed deez bugs back in the month of February.

this is a pronto plate, it's plastic lithographic process, easier than it sounds, but due to random happenings an lack of skill, it tool me over 20 attempts (that's on rag paper, not counting proofs of news print) to get an edition of six.

and I think I want to do it some more.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

get on the floor


lately I have been trying to re embrace my past lost for blatant nerd fantasy art. I moved away from it because it wasn't getting me anywhere in middle school, I stopped being interested.
well, it doesn't matter what I like now so...re embrace.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

oh nyquil

so a long long long time ago I drew a little comic about a catfish, and I told a friend that I would touch it up a little.

well I did...and you'd never know.

I am not a digital artist.
I want to write a webcomic, but things like this make me think maybe not, cause, man...

Monday, April 19, 2010

I go walking

It's my latest papercut piece. I'm rather happy how this turned out, as it was an experiment in using floating frames with paper cutting.

If you are in Vancouver right now, this piece is hanging in the Freaks and Geeks show at the Fall Tattooing and Artist Gallery on Seymour street downtown. The show will be up from April 9th to the 30th. So go check it out. Lots of good things.

ciao for now.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

let's ride bikes into the sea

so so so, for a class this semester we had a super duper project where everyone in the class made a zine, and we traded! It was wonderful! And I think it means I'll be making more artist zines in the fuuuture.
Mine is titled Nautical Nonsense and was printed in an edition of 22 using a laser printer and a really basic lithography method called Pronto Plates.

Check out all the neato pictures inside under de

This is a shot of all of the zines tiled together. Like I said there were 22 of them ( think one is missing from this image). The were printed on three different colours of rag paper, and the pages inside were printed on off white for the darker editions and white for the light editions. This shot shows the front and the back of the zines. each was about 2 x 3 inches folded. I love them, I think they are super cute.
that's why i'm uploading the difficult badly designed pattern so that if anyone feels so inclined they can have this zine too! I mean, without the printed cover of course.
These are the stickers that were inside the zine! I used a sewing machine to perforate them apart. I used a recipe for sticker glue I found on instructables.
so these two pages back to back as they are and make up the first page of the zine! They are the box that makes the diorama/zine/shrine, in the versions I made, the tabs we pre glued like the stickers. It's a bit wonky...you have to get breqative when putting this together and do what you have to to make sure it lines up. It's a bit tricky.
And these are the pieces that go inside! they also have the cryptic instructions!
and wouldn't ya know, it all folds into this:

an important note, you have to make your own hole on the side for the movable wave. Forgot to mention that.
my roommate got creative and coloured hers : )


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

wokka wokka wokka

Hello everyone!
I have some images of a book project I have recently completed entirely printed using the cyanotype method(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyanotype).
A FULL documentation is available under the
This book begins with a cloth covered box:
And then all of the little paper books unfold to become....

a cyanotype forest!

detail of the sail boat and the sky, two of my favorite parts.

And we finish off with a view from the mountains.
thanks for looking

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm workin a sweat, but it's all good.


It's been a busy time!

There was a really big shooo on friday night at the Fall tattooing and artist gallery! and guess what, I had some stuff in it.
So i'll get some photos of the gallery to show off soon. If you are in the Vancouver area, drop in and check it out, it's on for another couple weeks.

I also just documented all 'o my spring print projects, take a gander at a few..or a goose.oh ho ho.

interesting fact: these are at the art show previously mentioned.

also our dragon is having sheeddy times. Summers a commin'!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Butter for my pizza bun

Things are REDONK in life right now. Things are rockin' and I'm trying to keep up. Good things are on the way . I swear it/

And in the meantime, I show you dees:

The book plate I'm very fond of and i think I will put on my business cards. The other...I've been told it's okay, There are some design things going on I'd like altered. but you know, I like to post images.

In the next few days, zines, scenes, and lucid dreams!

until then