Friday, May 29, 2009

I do love comics

Helloo, though i'd share a rough draft of a silly little comic I wrote last week


So yesterday was my brother's 21st bithday! yay!
since he and I are now residing in different cities due to schooling, I couldn't manage (because I am a terrible sibling) to get a card mailed so it would get there on time!
instead, I crafted up this custom template so that he can print and fold a card like no other!
I learned the basic whale oragami from several sites that all had the same method, afterwords I even found a pattern for what I had already done...but much creepier.

here he is folded in black and white!

yeah, so DIY birthday cards are like...the new vinyl toy. People should do these up more often! it's a fold able, non-conventional canvas shape design challenge!


Monday, May 25, 2009

yaaarr. behold! Captain Puppypants the Scourge! no, not the big hairy guy that looks like Eugene Hutz, the fierce little lad to the left of center.

Also, I heard about this guy that goes around the country entering fishing derby's and then cheats to win by sacking a giant fake fish he carts around!
Couldn't be this guy though, I mean...look at him. He is legit. Look at that victory jig, he couldn't have cheated.

This one is all water colour on paper.
I did it all with layers and whatnot, I've found that yellow is a good wash for making things 'pop'.

Have you ever heard of the mermaid problem? Aparently is have plagued artists and writers for centuries. This is done in ink then coloured in photoshop.

And my personal favorite, a fisherman and his little fishing friend. watercolour, ink and photoshop!

So that is the best of what i've been up to. I am working on filling up this blog based on my other blog on livejournal. I'm moving all of the content over to cross-post onto this one, which will be my "professional" blog that appears on my business cards

neat, hey?