Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh, Oh, you do me wrong

So I promised to show pictures from the steampunk show A LONG TIME AGO. So here we go. I only had three pieces in the show and I managed to rid myself of all of them! I was quite pleased and flattered. It was an excellent event. Here was my main deal:

Apologies for the image quality, it is an oil painting, so the luminosity just isn't the same as in real life or a darkly lit gallery. It glows internally and refracts light much better in real life.
This piece encompasses my idea of what steampunk it. It's not really the same, it's more catastrophic and post apocalyptic than an basic alternate history.
I'll make some comments about this piece, which I don't usually like to do, and most artist don't...but here we go. The bodies are awkward, and parts of this are fairly unfinished. But I do really appreciate the glow this picture has, and I think narrative-wise, it was a huge success. it's now in the care of a very dear friend. The actual piece is two feet by three feet.

So, I read a really good graphic novel*** last night, it was Blankets by Craig Thompson, ( It was VERY well drawn and very beautiful over all. It is a very honest and wonderful representation of brand new affection and doings things like that for the first time. Quite precious. I wont tell you how it ends, but I will say I kinda wish it had gone the way you want it to as you read it. Technically, Thompson is a master of contemporary paneling. He has very consistent and beautiful layouts. check it out:

***has some one made up a better phrase for that yet? Like can we call them something else? I find myself disliking the Frankenstein term "graphic novel" it's about as dry as a sac not moisture and I think the medium deserves more.

Anyways, Talk to you soon!
much love