Tuesday, May 29, 2012

old promises

As it turns out there is a lot of artwork I complete and am perfectly happy with but gets caught in the tide of more art to be done. This is one of them. I redid the alphabet jars and they are BETTER now.

I hope you enjoy.
You know what I enjoyed? This weekend past, I went to Vancaf, the Vancouver comic arts festival and it was GREAT! I met comic artists I've followed for a loooong time, including jeph jaques and the super lovely Becky and Frank! Seriously, they were so nice. 
Also, this fella of Astronaut Journal and this super nice art lady Sydney.

cheers dears xoxo

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dry and Dusty

Oh my! Hello there!
Once again I've let this little site fall into a stagnant state. Oh dear.

See, here's the thing: I've been working really hard on a lot of work I'd love to show you BUT I CAN'T. It's all for a show coming up this summer and I want it to be a half a surprise.

This little fella is for SLUG, a zine put out by the super fab people at the Purple Thistle who put out Rain Zine. There site has a list of locations you can pick it up at! I recommend it. The last issue of Slug had some excellent articles, such as how to render fat.
In other news, here's what I've been doing at work:

 These are my first three tattooed Grapefruits! From right to left here is my first, second, and third attempts. There little bodysuits go all around, but you get the idea. 
These make me super happy. I want to do more so they can be BETTER.
Thanks to everyone.

Also, I updated the link list on the sidebar of this blog, so go creep my friends! They are WAY talented and I am lucky to have them.
Share the love.

Type at you soon,