Monday, June 9, 2014

It's been a while

Hello there!
First off, I'll start this like I start so many messages, both public and private, by apologizing: I have neglected this archive. It is far from up to date. I'm not apologizing for all the things I've been doing instead, but for not taking the time to log them into this system.

I mostly use instagram these days(@alisonannwoodward)

I've been having shows, working at The Fall Tattooing

And, finally, graduating with a BFA from Emily Carr Univerity. Here is my grad piece, The Dawn Remakes the World in its Antique Pattern:


  1. Thank you for your invaluable communications. Your graduation piece is a stunning wor of art, which makes much commentary on the cycle of life, I feel. I really appreciate the wonderfully informative, yet concise video you made for Opus supplies. I feel I learnt so much in a simple nutshell and would love to receive more information on illustration processes, for example, do you ever use Photoshop to edit work? Would love to connect, please keep communicating. Worth gold.

  2. Your artwork reminds me a lot of a book i read lately, called "1Q84" by Haruki Murakami. There is a chapter describing a girl being locked up in a room along with a decomposing goat, as a punishment for letting the goat die. The girl is scared, but around midnight she witnesses what she refers to as "little people" sneak into her isolation room, surrounding the dead goat and pulling strands out of thin air creating an air chrysalis, a kind of cocoon around the decomposing goat. This piece you created looks like the perfect illustration for that passage.
    Your art is truly splendid. Keep up creating...

  3. You are Amazing!!!!!!You are extremely talented!
    Keep making beautiful art!!!

  4. Stunning! Congratulations on graduating and on this beautiful piece! Wow :D