Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I've been doin some stuff when I'm at home and I have time.
we had a fathers day card making party at the loft tonight, which was loads of fun, you will see how awesome my card turned out! it have a fish on a bike.
I've also been working on something big for uriel and catherine to show them I love them. I want to finish before I go to kelowna to visit my parents. but there is lots to be done. It's going to be good.
Also, I've been arting a little.
I drew this picture of a cougar and a young medical student:

I really like the way his face turned out....she gives me the I don't think this will get finished
I just don't really dig the way it went.

I am also working on a comic with the working title "night lights" that I posted somewhere else earlier.
I'll show you sometime.

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