Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apathy and the Whales

I think if anyone ever read more than one entry in my journals, they'd realize that Titles are not usually related.
The same goes for this one. I just think Apathy is a cute name for a girl...who likes to live with a pod of whales....

Who am I? Well I don't know...

I do stuff.

I go to a certain University, and walk on giant streets of cloth.

I 'splore the trees.

I belong to a rad collective.

I'm the crazy old man who runs the goat circus down the road.

I turn into a fruit eating ferret by night.

This was a huge amount of time, that I'm not sure was spent efficiently....we'll see how it plays out. Who I am does not fit into pictures of my life. This is what I have learned.

Now go find those whales, Apathy.


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