Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fields Forever

Alright, so.

This is a comic I made for my final project in my illustration: narrative structures class. We had to adapt a story board we had previous drawn. I'll scan and post that one next time I'm at school, cause the end drawing are better than in this one. The story is by Michelle the Fever and I, co written in the purest sense.
The original script was a continuous shot the whole way through, so it made sense to do the comic in the same sense, with no panels and just straight through. It think besides drawing difficulties ( i should have never added half tones) it went well.

so BEWARE IF YOU HAVE A NOT-SO-GREAT COMPUTER! this image is HUGE. Like, it can go from the kitchen to the door of my apartment and around some more. It's easily like 18 feet long. I think.

what is with me and accordion books and trees.

I hope to print this out when I can straighten it out a bit, and make a half sized version, (because each two pages of the original is on 14x17" bristol) with a nice folding cover. it'd be cool.

thanks everyone


  1. LOVE LOVE LOOOVE IT! Colossal effort put into this one, your will be praised for your attention to detail and the patience you display.


  2. This is absolutely beautiful; I want it to be eight feet tall on a wall somewhere.