Friday, December 2, 2011

Poison Juice

I painted this little guy up (8x10 wood panel) for a Christmas gift:

Loookit him, all proud of himself.

I like the way this drawing came out, but I would like to relate to you, dear readers, how badly I put this together. I'm typing this out, because I'm sure it's going to happen to someone else, and maybe they can learn from my mistakes. APPARENTLY WINDSOR & NEWTON BLACK INK AND GLOSS MEDIUM DON'T JIVE. As soon as I brushed a layer over my line work to seal it, it disintegrated like a temporary tattoo that was pulled off before it stuck. This lead to me putting way more time into this than I thought I would. Other than destroying my lines, this incompatibility left me without a good medium to redo my lines with. My acrylics are old and gross and not very smooth. I ended up mixing ink and acrylic to get an in-between-sticky ink. It worked mostly, was really inconsistent and still broke off in places. Sos anways, I think the moral of this painting parable is that I need to get a fixative, or some fluid acrylics I can line with, or stick to drawing with ink on paper.

alison ooout.


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  1. Maybe I should have made a post about this! Last winter, I made a set of christmas cards. Which took me weeks to finish. I then brushed on Matte Medium. And my Black ink (I dont remember the brand) disintegrated. Revealing the read pen I had used to sketch out the original piece. All seven cards we're ruined because I applied the medium in the dark and didn't realize what it was doing.
    If you find a decent spray fixative pleasee post here. I don't have the money to go experimenting D; And I work a lot with ink & graphite & acrylic like you.

    P.S I really like Your recent art posts. Wicked Board!