Sunday, April 28, 2013

Water-soluble Graphite

ink, water-soluable graphite, gouache

So yesterday I picked up some water-soluble graphite pencils and OH MY WORD. Painting with graphite is THE BEST. It's so smooth and blends so easily. 
It's also got the greasy shiny/sparkly niceness of graphite
I tried to take a picture to show this:
(so niiice)

Fun fact: this drawing started as a warm up for the drawing I planned to do last night, but then I reaaaally into the graphite. And I missed the tattoo convention.
Part of the reason I got into such a groove was WOODKID's The Golden Age. It's SO GOOD. I nearly titled this drawing, "WOODKID'S LATEST ALBUM IS GREAT". True story.


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