Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catfish Cemetary

School is crazier than a cat that only eats jello. More crazy than that. Crazy busy.
I have however been producing some neato things with this crazy-business.

I'm taking a print media class called book media where we learn the development of tradition and non traditional bound and 3D folded books. It is an excellent class. It's a combination of art and craft at just the right amount of each.

So I have pictures to show you.

So the concept of this project is about space relating to the reader. It can be looked upon from the front to get a layered distant effect, or unfolded from the side, to show distance, and wide open spaces. And everything is underlined. Not so sure why.

The whole thing is made of Canson C-Cream drawing paper. It's kind of like a thin bristol. It was cut with a exacto with a pointed tip, and i did not count the hours.

In the first picture you can see the case that is fits in. If you look reaaaaally carrefully, you can see the small deer head that is hlding the case together. It is very faint because it is clear.
There are also little things hidden in some of the pages, like the antlers in the next image.

There are more pictures to show, but my images are processed by evil spirits of bad formatting, so I'll shoe them later.


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  1. That there is some hyperintensive cutlery.
    Looks awesome, by the way- you'd do rad stage designs.